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Risky advancements

The latest warning from Dresden Codak‘s Aaron Diaz: Do we really want to live in a society populated by geriatric 27-year-olds? In living so long and spending so much time `thinking’ do we not also run the risk of becoming a cold, passionless race incapable of experiencing our two emotions (fear and not fear)? Also […]

Asus eeePC

Okay, so any excuse to bring out the Laphroaig is fine by me, but the cute little eeePC is better than most. That it’s cute and popular is all very well, but what really makes my day is this is the first device I’ve seen that both doesn’t hide the fact it’s running Linux, and […]

The Liberals in Limbo — how low can they go?

The latest squabbling incompetence: Gold Coast MP Ray Stevens says leadership contender Tim Nicholls should withdraw his challenge and get behind Mark McArdle. Mr Stevens says if the matter is not resolved that way, he says his legal advice suggests the only option left will be to draw names out of a hat. “That is […]