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Exclusion and Debian

Oh yay, another argument about sexism. I thought we were over this. Aigars writes: Trying to restrict what words people can or can not use (by labeling them sexist, racist or obscene) is the bread and butter of modern day media censorship. It is censorship and not “just political correctness”. While I would not want […]

The Leaf of Trust

Wow. Pretty.

LCA Sponsors

An article by Sam Varghese appeared on ITwire today, entitled What is Novell doing here?: A GNU/Linux system does not normally load modules that are not released under an approved licence. So why should Australia’s national Linux conference take on board a sponsor who engages in practices that are at odds with the community? […]

Baby Got Bloat

With the whole incipient git obsession I’ve been cleaning out some of my scratch dirs. In one, last touched in mid-2006, I found: Oh. My. God. Becky, look at that bloat! It’s so big… It looks like one of those Microsoft products… Who understands those Microsoft guys anyway? They only code that crap because they’re […]

User configuration

Inspired mostly by Joey’s nonchalant way of dealing with the death of his laptop… This seems less of a disaster than other times a laptop’s disk has died on me. When did it start to become routine? […] My mr and etckeeper setup made it easy to check everything back out from revision control. […] […]

tempus fugit

I blogged a fair bit about darcs some time ago, but since then I’ve not been able to get comfortable with the patch algebra’s approach to dealing with conflicting merges — I think mostly because it doesn’t provide a way for the user to instruct darcs on how to recover from a conflict and continue […]