Exclusion and Debian

Oh yay, another argument about sexism. I thought we were over this. Aigars writes:

Trying to restrict what words people can or can not use (by labeling them sexist, racist or obscene) is the bread and butter of modern day media censorship. It is censorship and not “just political correctness”. While I would not want people trying to limit contributions to Debian only to “smart and educated white people” (racism) or “logically thinking males” (sexism), going the other way and excluding people from Debian because their remarks or way of thinking might offend someone is just offensive to me.

One: it’s not censorship for Debian to limit discussion of various things on Debian channels. It’s censorship when you prevent discussion of something anywhere.

Two: if you think excluding people is bad, then supporting jerks whose mysogyny repulses people isn’t compatible with that.

Three: doing something in someone else’s name, that isn’t supported by them, is wrong. If you’re in a channel called “debian-something” don’t act in ways that don’t match Debian’s goals. If you want to be free to go against the principles of the DFSG by, eg, discriminating against people or groups, make up your own name for a channel.

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