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Blosxom to WordPress

So a quick blog on the switch to WordPress. The main reason I decided to switch was the ability to have comments; which you can do in blosxom with various plugins, but then you have to worry about spam yourself, whereas with WordPress comments (and comment moderation) are standard and plugins to deal with spam […]

Free The World

A little while ago I followed a link to a video of a Kathy Sierra talk (always good value). But one of the ideas therein that particularly intrigued me, particularly in the context of starting up a company, was the notion of “making the t-shirt first”. You can look at it as just compressing the […]

An event

What’s the difference between a company and a business? One’s an almost meaningless bit of paper, the other’s a way of making lots of money. Me, I now have a company!

Banks and financial literacy

It’s a bit funny, but I kind-of think banks are a huge impediment to financial literacy. There are two key insights that could be really useful to Joe Public (or, for that matter, me, say ten years ago…) that banks absolutely mess up. Credits and debits One is basic double-entry accounting. In double-entry accounting, you […]

Already obsolete…

Wow, I switch on the rewriting to make the switch from blosxom to wordpress actually happen, and what do I see when I go to blog about it? “WordPress 2.7 is available! Please update now.” I guess this is what you have to expect when you use software that’s actively maintained… UPDATE 2008/12/12: Okay, 2.7 […]

A new home…

inamerrata will shortly be moving to a new home, with a wordpress backend instead of a blosxom one. I suspect that means a little Planet spamming will be forthcoming, when I add the redirect rules to move the old posts/feeds to the new urls… On the upside: no more “Read more…” links, and comments! Truly […]

So what?

I know LCA has had a policy of treating its speakers like rock stars in the past, but sometimes I wonder if that gets taken a bit far, you know? Like, who can even tell the difference anymore? P!nk, rock star Valerie Aurora, kernel hacker I mean, just imagine what confusion could ensue if we […]