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What’s a synonym for “meme” that starts with “a”?

An Alliterative Adventure By Anthony An age ago, Andrew was amusing himself annoying army ants. His aunt, Alice, an accomplished author, was attired in aubergine accoutrements from Abercrombie and Fitch (awkwardly altered by an anterior artichoke accident). Angsty and anxious, she attempted to ameliorate her aches with an aspirin, so as to be able to […]

Facial Dignity, huh?

Bdale blogs about his new found sensitivity to breezes, which reminds me of two things. One, much like Arjen, I feel inclined towards some show of solidarity for Bdale’s follicles, hence: Second, and also coming somewhat indirectly under the heading of “facial dignity”, it strikes me as a good time to recall one of my […]

Recessions and Free Software

I’m still not convinced I’ve got much of an idea what’s going on with the economy and global finance and all that, but one thing that seems apparent is that to at least some extent we should be expecting a widespread extended recession. Naturally, that’s inspired various folks to explain how that’s a good thing […]

Oh dear

So I’ve applied for membership of SAGE-AU, and started using drupal to build a website. Both seem entirely satisfactory, but I wonder how much more of this I can take before I’ll have to hand over my Real Programmer’s license…

Tuz in Tas

At Meant to blog yesterday before it started. Didn’t. In a talk. Trying to blog a sentence everytime Pia takes a breath. May not have been clever plan. Hobart’s pretty nice so far. Networking worked in my room first go. The view out my window from Saturday: And the last two overs of the […]

Linux Australia Financial Status

So the pre-AGM drafts of LA‘s financial status are up, in particular the 2007/08 financial year summary and the (hopefully) easier to follow bottom line figures (also, the 2006/07 financial year summary since I couldn’t find it online elsewhere). I’m pretty happy with them, both in what the tell us about the health of the […]

Unix 2.0

I quite like the Web 2.0 revolution, both from the interactive, crowd-sourcing, social aspect, and the technical aspect. It’s the technical side of things that I’ve found particularly interesting lately, especially after reading about some of the possibilities of Google Chrome and Google Gears and apps like AjaxTerm or ChipTune. There’s a whole lot of […]

Netbook bleg

So, having just last night been trying to convince myself that I could deal with the low-CPU and (more importantly) battery life of the HP Mini-Note 2133 (Joxer seems happy with his) along comes CES and the announcement of the HP Mini-Note 2140, with an Atom CPU, and reportedly a resolution of 1366 by 768. […]

Babysitting bankers

It’s interesting how much high-falutin economics seems to come down to analogies to baby-sitting. The most recent example (via Russ Nelson a few days ago), is an article by Paul Krugman (actually from 1998) extrapolating from a baby sitter’s co-op to the Asian monetary crisis. Basically, the idea is that a bunch of parents get […]