What’s a synonym for “meme” that starts with “a”?

An Alliterative Adventure

By Anthony

An age ago, Andrew was amusing himself annoying army ants. His aunt, Alice, an accomplished author, was attired in aubergine accoutrements from Abercrombie and Fitch (awkwardly altered by an anterior artichoke accident). Angsty and anxious, she attempted to ameliorate her aches with an aspirin, so as to be able to absorb her awareness in the arid aspect of Alice Springs, arena for the approaching article she was attempting to assemble, and already awaited by her adoring afficiandos. ARGH! Her absentmindedness had accosted her again, her appointment to attend Anaconda had been abolished from her attention! The apple juice was abandoned, the ABBA anthems aborted, as the aardvark to Albert St was about to accelerate! Not actually an animal, the “aardvark” was the appellation for her archetypical Audi, and accordingly, the AM was hardly adjusted to acquire Air Supply’s “All out of Love“, as she arrived.

1. What is your name: Anthony
2. A four Letter Word: army
3. A boy’s Name: Andrew
4. A girl’s Name: Alice
5. An occupation: author
6. A color: aubergine
7. Something you wear:   Abercrombie and Fitch
8. A food: artichokes
9. Something found in the bathroom:  aspirin
10. A place: Alice Springs
11. A reason for being late: absentmindedness
12. Something you shout: ARGH
13. A movie title: Anaconda
14. Something you drink: apple juice
15. A musical group: ABBA
16. An animal: aardvark
17. A street name: Albert St
18. A type of car: Audi
19. A song title: All Out of Love
20. A verb: arrive

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