WoBloMo 2, Epilogue

This year’s woblomo was a bit more consistent than last time — every post was either on the appropriate odd day of March, or before midday the next day. (I did backdate a few posts that actually got posted between midnight and about 4am the next day, just to keep the calendar widget in the sidebar pretty)

I felt a bit pressured this time around on what I was posting — there were a couple of topics I would’ve liked to have posted on, but didn’t because I wasn’t sure I’d be able to finish them in time. On the other hand most of the posts were interesting to me at least, and I learnt a few things in writing them (first time I’ve played with R, or done a youtube screencast, in particular). Overall I’d call it a pretty good experience.

I think for April I’m going to try to do a bunch of blog posts again, but aiming to be a bit more bursty (so if I want to post about X, I can spend a couple of days thinking about it first). I’m trying out Erica.biz’s getting things done tips at the moment too, which I think should work okay with that plan.

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