Excuses to use gearman

Sometime ago I stumbled across gearman and thought it looked cool — map/reduce and distributed processing for shell commands? Neato! Unfortunately, at the time I was looking for a distributed database (and found couchdb) so that didn’t go anywhere. The session at lca reminded me how cool at was, but didn’t get much further on an actual use.

I’m thinking now, though, that it might be a good match for my notmuch usage: that is, I could have incoming mail tagged as unread and filed into an inbox or list or whatever, and then separately have all that mail sent through gearman to get flagged as spam. The win there being that mail gets delivered immediately, still gets flagged pretty much ASAP, and can easily get flagged as spam before I see it even if the initial check doesn’t flag it as spam. Gearman (and notmuch’s tagging) should allow that to be rate limited, queued, and handled asynchronously without much hassle.

Fingers crossed. :)

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