Consumer reports: Mobicity

When I was looking at what new smartphone to get, the cheapest place to get it from seemed to be Mobicity which seems to be a local shopfront for a Hong Kong warehouse. That there was a discount voucher on tjoos helped too. Anyway, the price was right and it got here reasonably quickly so it all sounded good.

The other week I put it on to charge overnight and woke up the next morning to find it was dead — the “charging” light would come on, but nothing else would do anything, plugged in or not. It came with a one-year warranty, via Australian Warranty Services (who seem to sell warranties for imported phones generally too, maybe), and you fill out a web form to do claims. Despite Mobicity being just a suburb away, I got an email saying that I’d need to send my phone to Sydney Cellular Repairs. As it happened I was going to Sydney for the LA F2F the next weekend so I dropped it off on the way; and at that point things were pretty straightforward: they took the phone, got some receipt number for Mobicity, checked the phone over and a couple of days later I got an email that it was fixed and on the way back to me. And it arrived working, so… sweet! Cheap and supported. Who knew?

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