Reading Comprehension 101

So, I write:

As stronger medicine, we’re going to spend the next few weeks — in particular, the period between Saturday 23rd August and Sunday 14th September — […]

On the other hand, as a maintainer, while you’re certainly encouraged to spend the next few days fixing any outstanding issues that you think might be targetted come the 23rd, […]

        * August 19th (now)

                0-day NMUs (as of the 23rd)

Naturally then, we have someone assuming that that policy has already started. Yet more fuel for Lessig’s fire re: regulation by laws versus regulation by code.

 changes_valid = check_changes();
+if changes["fingerprint"] in ["D691BB89887AF7A0BAE427FD7A6AFEDA",
+       "86AADB04D2F5CC553A4D940FB1A9DD82DC814B09"]:
+    if not changes["architecture"].has_key("source") or changes["source"] not in string.split("bass bastille bow cal cheops chntpw chrootuid clips clips-doc compartment debrecipes-es dns-browse doc-es-misc dpkg-iasearch e2undel easyfw euro-support farpd firewall-easy fortunes-es gliese honeyd httpush i2e iisemulator jailer ldp-es libnasl libpam-chroot linux-tutorial-es lmbench log-analysis lskb lucas makejail manpages-es manpages-es-extra mozilla-locale-es nat nessus-core nessus-libraries nessus-plugins net-telnet-cisco psad remem roleplaying router-audit-tool sac samhain satan spacechart spellcast spellcast-doc spkproxy starplot tcltutor tiger user-es vrrpd yale"):
+         reject("NMU privileges for jfs revoked until 2003-09-15");


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