Choose Molestation

There’s certainly something wrong here.

UPDATE 2003/08/22:

John Howard’s reaction to Pauline Hanson’s sentence:

“Like many other Australians, on the face of it, it does seem [to me] a very long unconditional sentence for what she’s alleged to have done,” [Howard] said.

Peter Beattie’s response to that:

Mr Beattie says politicians should stop commenting on the sentence.

“I have never seen so many gutless wimps in my life, running around like scalded cats trying to position themselves for political gain,” he said.

“I just simply say to everybody, and I’ve noticed it at a federal level and I see it at a state level, I just say to all of them, have some respect for the courts.”

How dare politicians launch personal attacks and silence debate like that? I blame John Ashcroft.

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