Objective Curley

White Glenn linked to a Veteran’s Day story about the leadership shown by Captain Harry (Zan) Hornbuckle. It’s an impressive story: a group of soldiers are thrown together, given very little time to coalesce as a team, told to secure an area, come under heave attack (300 against 80), and end up saving the day. There’s even a point where hope seems lost, but is suddenly recovered by the arrival of reinforcements.

But hey, you don’t need me to tell you that, you can go read it. What I wanted to say was in response to the first sentence of that article:

Reader and Rocket Man colleague John Beukema directs our attention to a page-one story by Jonathan Eig in today’s Wall Street Journal, “Why you’ve heard of Jessica Lynch, not Zan Hornbukckle.”

But reading that story, I started getting a sense of deja vu — that I had actually heard it before. Turns out I was right, the story had already circulated around the Internet; eg Sgt Stryker linked to the StrategyPage description on June 10th. Advantage: blogosphere.

UPDATE 2003/11/15:

Here’s a better rendition of the WSJ story.

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