Well, what do you know? Keeping all your receipts and going through them actually pays off. I’d been thinking recently that I really should get around to getting a copy of Torch the Moon, the latest Whitlam’s CD. For “recently”, read “since September” or so, as it happens I started thinking this more or less a year to the day since the album’s release. Being, well, indolent, I still hadn’t gotten around to doing anything about this until now. But today I started getting around to going through all my old receipts, and lo and behold, what do I find but a receipt from HMV for Placebo’s Sleeping with Ghosts and none other than Torch the Moon. Apparently I’d already bought it, in March. The Placebo CD has been in my mp3 (well, ogg) folder for months. The Whitlams CD, though, has evidently been lost in my desk since I bought it. Well, we can remedy that!

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