Netbook bleg

So, having just last night been trying to convince myself that I could deal with the low-CPU and (more importantly) battery life of the HP Mini-Note 2133 (Joxer seems happy with his) along comes CES and the announcement of the HP Mini-Note 2140, with an Atom CPU, and reportedly a resolution of 1366 by 768.


Anyone reading know of any way to get one by/at at the end of the month? Apple had a bunch of ibooks and powerbooks to loan out (and I think optionally purchase) at 2004, maybe that’d be something that a certain Emperor Penguin Sponsor would consider this year… hint hint! :)


  1. James says:

    The HP Australia site only had the Mini-Note 2133 with Windows, and the US press release says “availability later this month”.

  2. aj says:

    Yeah, the HP Australia site never seems really helpful on that score. The higher end laptops that are nominally available with FreeDOS or Linux tend not to be listed on the HP .au site either. Maybe it’s different if you call or ask.

    As far as “availability later this month” is concerned; is also later this month!

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