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Facial Dignity, huh?

Bdale blogs about his new found sensitivity to breezes, which reminds me of two things. One, much like Arjen, I feel inclined towards some show of solidarity for Bdale’s follicles, hence: Second, and also coming somewhat indirectly under the heading of “facial dignity”, it strikes me as a good time to recall one of my […]

Tuz in Tas

At Meant to blog yesterday before it started. Didn’t. In a talk. Trying to blog a sentence everytime Pia takes a breath. May not have been clever plan. Hobart’s pretty nice so far. Networking worked in my room first go. The view out my window from Saturday: And the last two overs of the […]

Netbook bleg

So, having just last night been trying to convince myself that I could deal with the low-CPU and (more importantly) battery life of the HP Mini-Note 2133 (Joxer seems happy with his) along comes CES and the announcement of the HP Mini-Note 2140, with an Atom CPU, and reportedly a resolution of 1366 by 768. […]