Tuz in Tas

At linux.conf.au. Meant to blog yesterday before it started. Didn’t. In a talk. Trying to blog a sentence everytime Pia takes a breath. May not have been clever plan. Hobart’s pretty nice so far. Networking worked in my room first go. The view out my window from Saturday:


And the last two overs of the cricket yesterday were good.

My plans for the week, in theory, are in the wiki. I’m hoping to run/go to two BOFs: a startup one, and an accounting software one. Haven’t found the BOF board yet to schedule them yet. Pictures of the conference mascot/plushy are available at other blogs. He’s cute. Peace out.


  1. Peter says:

    Flickr’s tuz tag ( http://flickr.com/photos/tags/tuz/ ) has more pictures of the furry little guy.

  2. Mark Tearle says:

    Pia takes breaths? :)

  3. Ricky says:

    FWIW, I’m test driving NolaPro at the moment for accounting. Fairly US-centric, but it does what I need. It’s not open source, but it is free (as in beer) for the basic system, and it runs on Linux.

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