Some more PyGame

So here’s where I’m up to with my “trigrid” project. The idea is you’ve got a bunch of roads on a triangular grid (hence the name), with little peons on each segment of road that will carry goods from one end to the other. Some segments spontaneously create goods, others destroy them. The point is to try to get these guys to self-regulate by adding market prices to the goods — so they cost $1 when created, and every peon charges an extra $1 for carrying them around. I’m now at the point where that all works, but there’s no intelligence — peon’s will buy and transport goods without checking first that anyone actually wants them. Anyway, tada:

Screencast created using pyvnc2swf and vnc4server to create a FLV for youtube. I tried recordmydesktop first, but something about the output completely confused youtube when I tried uploading it.

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