WoBloMo 2

So with March coming up again, I thought I might have another go at some regular blogging. The World Blogging Month page doesn’t seem to have been updated (and David Pennock hasn’t blogged at Oddhead since October…) but I figure every other day still sounds more reasonable than every day, so I’ll stick with that, at least as the goal.

Hmm, looks like On Topology hasn’t been updated much either — last post July/August last year (depending on if you count test posts); and only a page of posts since last year’s WoBloMo.

As an aside, don’t “WoBloMo” and “NaBloPoMo” sound like something the Judoon might have come up with? Maybe that’s the problem: if you start one of these things and don’t finish, the Shadow Proclamation hunt you down and trap you in the body of a lolcat. Scary stuff.

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  1. Cool. I’m giving it a go again too.

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